No matter how you twist and turn it – as a shoe material, leather is unparalleled. It provides all of the natural qualities that anyone who wants to wear good shoes could ask for: it is breathable, absorbent and pleasantly soft, adapting to the shape of the wearer’s foot. At BIRKENSTOCK, they use the highest-quality leather, which – thanks to the gentle production process – retains its positive natural properties.  They had one vision since 1774: They wanted to provide everyone with access to their footbed. There philosophy was that when your feet feel good, you feel good. Walk and stand comfortably for long periods of time, exercise your legs and feet or simply feel comfortable right down to your toes: The secret is in your shoes!!! When your individual foot’s anatomy is perfectly supported during each step, you’ll feel the positive effect throughout your entire body. The result: Relief for your feet, knees and hips, a more relaxed and straighter back and feet that stay healthy, allowing you to feel truly good.