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Pinkie Pig

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One snuggle from our Pinkie the Pig Softie stuffed animal and we promise you’ll be squealing with delight! Crafted with premium plush materials, our playful porker practically melts into your hands every time you pick her up for a hug. Soothing and soft, Pinkie’s cuddly nature will win favor amongst fans of this endearing barnyard critter. Oversized ears, a squiggly tail, and detailed, cloven hooves add charm to her appearance, while her expressive, amber colored eyes are sure to trigger a chorus of oohs and ahhs from everyone who encounters our sweet, plushie piglet. Treat yourself to a delectably soft friend, Pinkie the little Pig Softie is unrivaled when it comes cuddle time fun!

Weight 5.5 oz

11" Long

Machine Washable

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